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Setema specializes in the distribution of a wide range of laboratory diagnostic equipment suitable for medical institutions. By partnering with leading European and American manufacturers, we provide customized and reliable solutions to your laboratory needs. 




  • Vitek 2 Compact


  • API

  • Biofire


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Setema and Buckman's partnership in the supply of tannery chemicals to treat and process hides and skins has been ongoing for more than two decades.

Setema supplies not only the chemicals but also technical know-how including trials for all tanneries in Ethiopia.


Foreign leather technologists are also employed for this purpose.

Products include Busan, Busperse, Butan, and Butan Color. 

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Fibertex offers a full range of nonwoven geotextiles designed for use in many different foundation structures within civil engineering works. The most common applications are:

• Road works
• Construction works
• Ground systems
• Drainage and filtration systems
• Hydraulic works
• Waste disposals (landfills)

Currently Setema regularly imports and distributes F-25 and F-34 geotextile rolls. Other products are available upon request. 

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