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 New Partnerships!

CerTest: Spanish manufacturer provides rapid test solutions for infectious diseases. Available rapid tests include respiratory antigen tests and fecal antigen tests for viruses, bacteria and parasites. Other available tests are inflammatory and tumor markers and urine based pneumonia and legionella tests. 



On Thursday, July 20th, 2017 BioMérieux, and Setema Limited P.L.C held a seminar focused on promoting the development of quality microbiology laboratories in Ethiopia with industry leaders.


 Microbiology laboratories play a pivotal role in providing comprehensive information, decreasing the time to results, and providing clear and accurate data to patients. Cost-effective Biomerieux solutions such as Vitek 2, the worldwide microbiology leader with a presence that exceeds 15,000 units, and BacTalert 3D were introduced to those in attendance. Vitek 2 Compact is a highly automated system for same-day bacterial identification and antibiotic susceptibility results. The API System is simple, rapid, and reliable for bacterial identification.            

The microbiology solutions proposed have the potential to transform the provision of healthcare in Ethiopia as is already evidenced in select institutions. Please visit our partners' website for a complete look at the available microbiology solutions

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